About Us

logo kleinHushberry is a company created by a dedicated team of cybersecurity technicians and service professionals. The concerned individuals are personally attached to the main goal of Hushberry, which is the production and delivery of technologically high-end encrypted products.

We use our experience in hard- and software engineering, encryption software, security systems and process improvement to deal with issues in a way that is focused on the quality of our products and service. We currently work with the Blackberry® 9720, the Blackberry® Bold 9900, and the Blackberry® Z10, by which we prepare the devices to be compatible with the latest encryption software. Our main goals are:

  • deliver high-end encrypted products
  • deliver fast service and support
  • continuous update of our products
  • continuous network analysis

We have a core team with skills ranging from software and technical engineering, to technical support and resale.

We have contacts in the industry with complementary skills enabling us to further increase our resources on an as-needed basis.